Let's learn Basic Grammar - Nouns Part 2

I believe you have read my previous entry about nouns and it has given you some basic idea on what nouns are. In this entry, i put two links to two interesting sites that will explain more about nouns. They are...

The first one contains quizzes about nouns, common nouns and proper nouns. The interactivity of the quizzes is the key why you should visit the site and try the quizzes. The site is colourful, has excellent graphics and is clearly presented. It is ideal for introducing a lesson or for a plenary.

Click here to go to the site

The second called ‘What are Nouns?‘ is more comprehensive as it covers different types of noun such as common, proper, concrete, abstract, count and non-count and collective nouns. Again it works brilliantly in full-screen mode on an interactive whiteboard, and as well as having the explanations of what the different nouns are, this site also has a quiz and a game where children can test their knowledge

Click here to go to the site


Catat Ulasan